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1981 Los Angeles for Men

“For this fragrance, I was inspired by a recent trip to California. 1981 Los Angeles for men captures the fascinating contrast of LA, with its vibrant and electric, yet laid-back vibe.”

– Christine Hassan, Perfumer.

1981 Los Angeles for Women

“For Guess 1981 LA Women, I wanted to recreate the beauty of the moment when the sun sets over Los Angeles. It’s an homage to the lifestyle that exists there – the urban and the beach together.”

– Clement Gavarry, Perfumer.

AMO Eau de Parfum

This story is about everything, but a love story. She is the protagonist, with her passions, her everyday life, what she loves. Real and authentic, this is a powerful unique message for passionate women of today.

AMO Flowerful

AMO Flowerful is a tribute to the spontaneity of the Ferragamo woman, beautiful and unpredictable, as only blossoming flowers can be. An effervescent fragrance to live life, celebrate it and enjoy each moment.

AMO per Lei

AMO per Lei is an hymn of JOYFUL LIVING. An ode to happiness, harmony and self-care. Expression of the desire to reconnect with the inner self through simple acts. For women that have the courage to make THEMSELVES A PRIORITY.


“I was inspired by the fresh brightness of an early summer morning – full of new energy and possibilities.” – Perfumer Frank Voelkl of Firmenich


“This fragrance is an expression of individuality and optimism with a rush of contrasting and bold ingredients such as notes of lively citrus and rich woods.” – Perfumer Linda Chinery of Takasago


“For the AWAY TONIGHT fragrance for men, my desire was to create a fresh woody fragrance that captures the spontaneity and pulsating energy of natural ingredients such as a sparkling Bergamot, an upcycled Vetiver Concentrate and vibrant Sandalwood. AWAY TONIGHT epitomizes that very feeling of living your best life throughout the night.” — Yves Cassar, Perfumer


“The AWAY TONIGHT fragrance for women is inspired by the adrenaline rush you feel during a night out with friends in New York City. No matter how long you’ve been in here, every night out surrounded by city lights and sounds feels brand new again. This fragrance perfectly captures that invisible yet undeniable spirit, when the mood is exciting, and the magnetic energy fills a room.” — Clement Gavarry, Perfumer

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