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L’Homme Rochas
L’Homme Rochas

L’Homme Rochas

As the reflection of Parisian chic, this man exudes wild, irresistible and thoroughly masculine charm. He is Mademoiselle Rochas’s alter ego and embodies the elegance of a new French lover.


“This fragrance draws its power and energy from the history and roots of Maison Rochas. I wanted to reinvent the conventions of Parisian style, which is naturally relaxed, with an oriental fougère with a modern twist.”
Bruno Jovanovic, Perfumer.

L’Homme Rochas


Olfactory family: oriental fougère
Top notes: blood orange, pineapple, cardamom
Middle notes: juniper berry, geranium, basil
Base notes: patchouli, moss, Tonka bean
L’Homme Rochas
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