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Precious Oud
Precious Oud

Precious Oud

Oud is so precious that it is often worth more than its weight in gold. This tree, which grows in India and South-East Asia, produces a resin with an animalistic, earthy, balsamic and leathery scent. Precious Oud mingles the mysterious aroma of oud with a magnificent bouquet of white flowers.


“I wanted this fragrance to be at one with nature. These white flowers are known for their heady power and make it possible to transpose oud into an unexpected floral realm."
Amandine Marie, Perfumer.

Precious Oud


Olfactory family: amber woody floral
Top notes: pink peppercorn, bergamot
Middle notes: iris, tuberose, jasmine
Base notes: oud, sandalwood, vetiver
Precious Oud
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