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Gerard Kappauf

Kappauf, age 61, an independent director who was elected for the first time to our board of directors on September 14, 2023, was born in Madagascar. After studying Classic Literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, he attended the San Francisco Art Institute on a scholarship and worked as a special effects make-up artist in Los Angeles. Upon traveling to Paris, Kappauf became interested in fashion and worked at a Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show. Thanks to this experience, he began to expand his network by meeting emblematic figures in the industry such as Paco Rabanne. While providing marketing and acquisition consulting services to L’Oréal Group during the tenure of Lindsay Owen Jones as its Chairman, in a bid for independence and emancipation, he founded his own magazine in 1992, Citizen K.

Through Citizen K, he realized his ambition to launch a major magazine for a wide audience on fashion, luxury, culture, and the art of living, truly different from the magazines already in existence. Citizen K magazine then became Citizen K International in 2012, a benchmark in fashion, luxury, and lifestyle. Kappauf expanded the magazine’s offering with the launch of Citizen K Homme in 2013, and 2014 was the year of change for Citizen K International with a new format and a fresh look.

In 2016, Kappauf launched Citizen K Arabia. This title, distributed in the Middle East, benefits from editorial development and format adapted to the market. Although 80% of Citizen K International’s editorial content is contained in Citizen K Arabia, this magazine still features 20% of content tailored to The Emirates and the Middle East. In 2021, Kappauf launched The Kurator, the first a-gender magazine in the Middle East, as a luxury supplement to Gulf News, the leading daily newspaper in the region.

Founded in January 1992 by Kappauf, he has been the Chief Executive Officer, and Creative and Editorial Director of the K Groupe since inception, which owns Citizen K magazines in Paris, as well as Enkore Studio in Dubai. Enkore Studio specializes in visual brand identity, digital content, storytelling and concept development for the fashion, luxury, beauty, and lifestyle industries. Kappauf now lives in Dubai and is currently working on projects in India.

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